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AR15 Accessories: How To: Distressed a PMAG

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How To: Distressed a PMAG

I had a FDE PMAG I painted black a while ago and forgot about it.  Only realized it was FDE when the paint started to come off.  I decided it would be fun to make it 2 tone distressed look.     Parts and tools needed: PMAG or any other magazine Flat Black spray paint or your choice of color 100 grit & 400 grit sand paper steel wool mineral oil rag 6 pack of beer  :laugh:     Step 1 - Paint the mag with flat black spray paint or your choice of color.  Let it dry completely.  Placing in an over at 150 degree will help speed up the drying process. Paint doesn't have to be perfect.   Step 2 - Use 100 grit sand paper to remove big areas of paint.  Follow up with 400 grit for the smaller areas.  Sponge works well as a backer to sand down the corners and get into the crevices.  Sand lightly or avoid sanding over the window.   Use steel wool or rag with mineral oil to remove paint over window.     Step 3 - Use steel wool to help smooth things out and wipe down with mineral oil.     Step 4 - If not satisfied with the look you can start over with step 1 if too much was taken off or step 2 if more needs to be taken off.        

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    02/14/2013 11:03 PM


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