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AR15 Armorer: Tools for working on and building ARs

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Tools for working on and building ARs

Tools I recommend buying for building or working on ARs:
I recommend getting a fairly large bench mounted vise. We use a 5" Wilton vise at work.


Adco tools Adco has some excellent tools, the gas tube roll pin punch, and the bolt catch roll pin punches are awesome

PRI barrel nut wrench perfect for installing LaRue, YHM and other non-steel barrel nuts without damaging them has 5 longer pins that engage the holes in the barrel nut instead of 2 or 3 short pins if using a DPMS or USGI wrench

Yankee Hill forearm wrench part #YHM-9621 works well for tightening down the locking ring on YHM rails and for tightening/loosening YHM bbl nuts w/o causing damage, It works well for DPMS AP4 (.308) locking rings as well

Daniel Defense tools if you plan on installing DD rails

DPMS bbl wrench I use this bbl wrench the most

Craftsman Tappet wrench set I use these very thin wrenches for removing rifle receiver extensions, removing/installing flash hiders (they don't scratch the crush washer), largest one fits the AAC suppressor mounts as well

large bolt cutters for cutting and removing delta ring/ snap ring and weld spring

Pipe wrench rarely used but when the bbl nut is damn near welded on, I cut the delta ring, snap ring and weld spring (with a large set of bolt cutters above) and remove and use the pipe wrench to remove the bbl nut (I have about 15 spare bbl nuts)

bolt, ejector tool

FF, rail alignment tool

DPMS AR10/SR25 barrel wrench for installing/removing AR10/SR25/DPMS (.308) rails/bbl nuts

A2 rear sight tool

M4 stock tool

upper receiver block

other upper and lower receiver blocks I rarely use this type of upper block because it leaves marks on upper receivers

strap wrench

free float wrench rarely used but sometimes the only way to remove some FF tubes and not damaging them

coated barrel vice blocks perfect for changing flash hiders without twisting the barrel within the action, it doesn't leave marks on the barrel like aluminum blocks, I have 2 sets one stock set (works for 20-24" rifle bbls and 16" M4 bbls) and I had a set cut in half (works on mid-length 16" and 14.5" bbls in a 6" vise)

handguard tool makes removing/installing plastic handguards easy by yourself

various tools I recommend buying the FSB bench block, bbl nut alignment gauge, firing pin protrusion gauge, 5.56mm NATO FIELD headspace gauge, and a complete set of roll pin starters and roll pin punches and a small brass hammer, taper pin punch & USGI bbl wrench

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