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AR15 Armorer: How To Install Sling Attachment Plate

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How To Install Sling Attachment Plate

This is a detailed write-up on how to install/change out the end plate on your collapsible stock AR-15 for a sling attachment end plate.

Tools needed:
-Castle Nut Wrench / AR-15 Multi Tool (pictured below)
-Small Tool to depress Buffer Retainer (anything will work, I used a small hex tool)

Here is an example of an AR-15 Multi Tool below. I am not advocating one brand over another, just make sure the tool you do purchase has some strength to it. Please DO NOT make the mistake of buying one of the "disposable" tools which will very likely break and injure you in the process. The tool on the left is a solid tool which has the castle nut wrench built in. The tool on the right is the "disposable" tool.

Step 1:

The first thing you will want to do is separate your upper from your lower. Remove the front and rear takedown pin, seperate upper from lower and set upper aside. The only part of the rifle needed for this is the lower.

Step 2:

Take the collapsible stock off of the buffer tube. To do this pull down, away from the buffer tube, and slide the stock off the end of the tube.

Step 3:

Now you can take the castle nut wrench and remove the CAR Stock Lock Ring. To remove the Lock Ring, turn it counter-clockwise. The Lock Ring is on tight and some come staked from the factory so take it slow make sure you don't slip. If your Lock Ring is staked there is a couple different ways of approaching this. Some prefer to take a small punch and push the metal burr back out of the way. If you have a good wrench you can pull right through the staking without problem, just make sure you do not slip. This is where having a bench vise comes in handy to hold the lower while you turn the wrench.

Staked Lock Ring (courtesy - gotm4):

Not Staked:

Remove by turning counter-clockwise:

Step 4:

Now you can pull the end plate away from the main body of the lower. BE CAREFUL HERE! There is a small spring located behind the end plate which will go flying if you do not pay attention. The spring presses the Detent Pin against the channel carved in the Rear Takedown Pin which is why the pin will not fall out of the lower.

Here is a picture of the small spring:

Step 5:

Once you have loosened the Lock Ring and End Plate, remove the Buffer Tube Spring and the gold colored piece inside it (Buffer Body Assembly) by depressing the Buffer Retainer Pin with a small tool (I used a small hex key). Any smaller diameter tool will work. Then just pull out the Assembly along with the Spring. Set these parts aside.

Step 6:

Now depress the Buffer Retainer Pin again to allow you to turn the entire Buffer Tube counter-clockwise. Once the notch in the Buffer Tube clears the Retainer Pin you will be able to completely remove the Buffer Tube.

Step 7:

Remove the stock End Plate and replace with your choice Sling Attachment Plate. Pictured here is an Ambidextrous Double Loop Sling Attachment End Plate.

Step 8:

Reverse steps 1-7 for re-assembly and pat yourself on the back. Now you can attach a single point sling to your weapon. Pictured is a modular system by Urban E.R.T. Slings.

Before & After:

Feel free to add something if I forgot about anything. Open to advice if these How-To's are helpful and you guys would like to see more or if you don't really care for them. Please give feedback....Thanks.


***Disclaimer: These are guidelines and to be treated as such. Modifications to your rifle may void your warranty if you have one. I do not assume responsibility for any damages incurred as a result of modifying your rifle.***

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    02/16/2013 03:59 PM


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