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As the title states Gallensons gun shop in Salt Lake City has a large amount of 30 rd. Gen 3 PMAGS (black/non windowed) in stock. The price is $24.99/mag. They also have a quite a large amount of hi-capacity handgun magazines for various manufacturers and calibers (price was approximately $50-$60 for most calibers/manufacturers). Another retailer that seems to have got a recent shipment on magazines is Scheels in Sandy, UT. They had approximately 100 Pro Mag polymer black 30 rd. mags in stock for the same price at $24.99/mag, as well as USGI 30 rd black magazines for $29.99/mag. I have stocked up as much as I can possibly afford for the time being and figured there may be quite a few members that are still looking for these so I hope it helps.


Gallensons: (801) 328-2016 166 E 200 S, Salt Lake City, UT

Scheels:(801) 948-7080 11282 S State St, Sandy, UT

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