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Black Rain and WW Donations

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I want to clear the air because Black Rain Ordnance is getting a bad rap for something they had nothing to do with.

There are postings on this site accusing them of making a donation to Wounded Warrior but not following through.


Let me explain and I will also add I am not employed by BRO nor have any affiliation with BRO except I like and sell their products.


Back in July 2012 I was approached at Norton Firearms Inc to provide a donation to a Wounded Warrior event in Wisconsin.

Norton Firearms was excited to be part of what we thought, was a great event. So the staff of NFA dug deep and took up a collection to purchase a BRO AR-15 to be raffled at the event. We placed our order through RSR for a new BRO rifle. After receiving our BRO we were so impressed with the quality of the rifle we became a dealer.


Now the problem, I took it upon myself to do what I thought was going to be cool and engrave the Wounded Warrior logo on the receiver. Just before the event we publicized the rifle along with the event only to be informed that we were in violation of copyright laws because we had not received permission to use the Wounded Warrior logo. The lower receiver had to be destroyed. At the same time Obama, during a debate, announced that he would go for an all out ban on what he called assault weapons. Now we all know that it has been near impossible to get any AR parts from that point on let alone a high quality product such as a BRO receiver.


The raffle happened without a hitch and a very lucky winner was awarded a new BRO rifle to be delivered once the new receiver was received.

We tried to work with the winner to give them a replacement AR they could use, shoot and abuse until the replacement receiver came in. I want to stress that BRO had nothing to do with the raffle it was 100% NFA. We just choose the BRO because we like their quality, as many of you do as well. We waited patiently until things calmed down and we are now in line to get the replacement receiver in this week.


I want to stress that BRO had nothing to do with the raffle and even offered great advice to us going forward before we give away such a big ticket item. Get it in writing, as I write this post I have discovered that we are not entitled to any tax write off because the event that was billed as a Wounded Warrior event was actually not an official event and is not tax deductible. I spoke with the people at Wounded Warrior and I am in the process of making arrangements to donate to them directly in the future. The reason is that NFA pledged to give 2% of every transaction this year to WW and we intend to honor that commitment because we believe in their mission.


I appologize publicly for any confusion that our good intentions may have created and accept full responsibilty.

I will still continue to stand behind BRO and promote their products as should you.


Jeffrey W Norton

President / CEO

Norton Firearms, Inc.

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Well Jeffery sounds like to me you should have not gave the person who won the rifle the run around.

I remember this raffle, many of the good members here participated in that rifle, but the raffle was over with and the winner was announced before obama pulled his crap

We know BRO here very well, BRO is a great company I have three rifles myself, but what you did and who you did it to is bull crap, it does not take 6 months to get a lower in, that order should have been replaced long before the obama crap.

The drawing was held Sept 8th the winner was announced.

The CT tragedy was Dec 14th

obama opened his pie hole around the 17th or 18th


You had the lower the engraved which was noble of you to do "When exactly was the lower engraved this all had to be done before Sept. 8th", but when you found out you could not do that and had to have the lower destroyed, you should have placed a rush order with BRO explaining the situation and make good on it.

Your lack of communications and getting this issue resolved has given you the bad name and you need to conduct your business in a more professional manner.

If you would have told BRO what was going on, I bet you BRO would have taken care of this, that is what kind of people they are and why we support them so strongly here.

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You can search this whole web forum and not find one bad word spoken about Black Rain, especially not on this subject. We all went out of our way to not make this cluster fuzz public knowledge. It was only after six months of getting zero satisfaction that Black Rain was even contacted, and that was via third party.


Every post about Black Rain is in this sub forum, and you can search for yourself.

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And we never received the replacement lower which was allegedly completed three weeks ago.

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Black Rain is NOT the one getting the bad rap, Mr. Norton. What exactly has been said to give you the impression that any of us at any time have given a negative nod in their direction? Black Rain also does not have its name associated anywhere else online with any 'negative' press, at least not from what I have seen. Black Rain was not at fault in any way, shape or form.

"...We tried to work with the winner to give them a replacement AR they could use..." How did you try to work with the winner Mr. Norton? I am sure 'the winner' has all of the evidence of you 'trying to work' with them. How many different excuses did you give to The Winner and various other individuals, including an associate of The Winner just this past weekend at an event? Why does The Winner not have a replacement AR? Let us just pick a date of, oh, say January 17th - if you were going to start working on the AR, would The Winner have that AR by this time, March 20th? How many AR's has your company sold since that date? I would just be curious to know some of those little details. Gosh, it sure does seem like a long time for them to have to wait once you committed to giving them that replacement.


Thanks N! :cool:


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