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I'm looking to buy my first AR-15 in the near future, but I would like some input. I don't need anything that's top of the line, just something that is solid that I can add to when I would like something nicer.


I like guns that will last a long time and aren't flashy, like my Mossberg 500 or my M&P 40.


I'd like to use it at the range and for personal defense.


I'm looking to spend around $1,500, including tax, so let me know what y'all think.



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Bravo Company (BCM) or Daniel Defense (DD) are top tier, the kind of rifle that should last a lifetime. There are certainly others including Colt that offer great options. Realize when you are buying certain rifles what comes with them and factor in those costs.


Often the premium rifles, (when buying seperate upper and lowers) dont come with iron sights, or a bolt carrier group. You need to factor those items into your price.


While the current market remains anxious (albeit the US Senate) has managed to provide some relief, I dont see prices falling much as demand continues to remain high.


I think, and I am sure others will say the same, you need to consider what you are using this rifle for: If this is a patrol rifle that you are betting your life on, do not cut any corners and go top end.


If this is a rifle that is likely to stay in a safe, be used on occassion at the range I think you have much more flexibility with what you purchase. In many cases, you can find a rifle for closer to $1000 and provide yourself cash for optics, iron sights, a case etc...


You stated that you have a Mossberg 500 and obviously a few other weapons. The question is then, is this going to be your go-to personal defense choice, or are you likely to grab something else? That singular question might help you decide where you want to be on the price scale.


I think if you "troll" this site, you will find people have a variety of opinons on a variety of rifle brands. Most will generally agree as to the top end rifles and their will be a variety of opinons in the "mid-range".

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Awesome, thanks guys. I'm going to go get some training on the one that they have to rent at the range I go to (a Smith & Wesson) so I can see what I like, then I'll take your recommendations and see what I can find. I've researched each company that y'all have recommended and each of them looks good.


Thanks again.

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Keep in mind DD comes with a perimum quadrail that usually goes for 3-400 and bcm has different forends that are on their rifles ranging from pri to troy to DD. LMT gives one of the best milspec rifles to you around 12 to 1300 at pre panic prices. It would be around the same price as a DD if you purchase a DD quad rail.


My LMT build with DD M4A1 RISII rail.



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