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Want to be a tn state trooper?


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Well how's your chance. They are hiring state wide according to the news this morning. And guess what? You don't even have to be a college graduate. This doesn't mean they will still hire you if you don't have one. More than likely they will still only hire college grads with at least an associate degree. Here's the link


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It gets better. Join the Michigan State Police, be a Trooper, Now hiring for next Recruit Academy.

Site states only need to be 21 and have a G.E.D. :laugh:


I interviewed recruit apps back in the 80s. Minimum was a Bachelor Degree in a related field, but an advanced degree in Justice was preferred.

A second language is necessary, preferably Spanish / Border Spanish and fluent.

Excellent Credit report.

The background investigation is intensive (ex-neighbors, teachers, etc.)

Two years prior MCOLES Law Enforcement experience, minimum.

Apps with Law Degrees were not uncommon.

Academy is 19-21 weeks.... much depends on how good of a swimmer you are, a very BIG deal in the MSP (2 weeks in the pool). SCUBA cert a plus.

Recruits in academy earn about $32k / yr and begin at $41k if hired, most are pre-screened out and the remainder is super competitive.

If hired, the recruit begins an FTO program, not all pass it (16 weeks working with a training officers in "The Ditch" (I-96 into central Detroit).

Then, there is a one year probationary period.

Seniority is the first consideration in promotions.


MI is one of 2 Agencies in the U.S. that evaluate patrol units and train LEO basic & advanced Tactical Driving (Intense).

Since MI does not have a "Highway Patrol/XBI" system, applicant emphasis is on training "Investigators" + you have a CSI Crime Lab (State-of-the-art).


Fortunately, the entrance exam for apps save many folks a whole lot of time. Affirmative Action Rules Everything.


I retired after 30+ years. MI recently became a "Right to Work State".

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If I remember right, Tennessee had a scandel a few years ago about a lot of the State Troopers having prior felonys on their record . Wonder what ever became of that. Haven't heard of it since. Probably why they need more troopers.

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It took my dept over a year to do my 'Background'. I'd hate to think they'd miss a Felony within the first 2 minutes.


Our State DOC did hire an ex-leo who served 6 years for a multiple homicide, though. Guy was a good CO and had some serious seniority before he was discovered.


He busted into a crack-house & shot & killed all 4 of the dealers who were recently selling crack to his 15 year old daughter. (6 yrs seemed a bit much, even though only one had a weapon). Too bad the crack-house was a dozen miles from his jurisdiction... may have got canned + a year probation, otherwise.


Heard from him a few years ago. His daughter never got hooked on the low-grade narc, got a BA degree, married + 3 kids & was a senior loan officer at a major bank.

Guy should have got a medal, IMHO. Seems all 'violent felons' aren't necessarily Bad Guys.

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