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Trayvon Martin's Mother for Congress?


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No, not really. Not yet. But apparently NBC thinks she is some sort of political expert now, if you can believe this freaked up article. http://presspass.nbcnews.com/_news/2013/08/18/20076701-mother-of-trayvon-martin-speaks-out-against-stop-and-frisk?lite


They are going to do their best to turn her into the next Carolyn McCarthy.

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NBC doesn't even bother to even try to show non-bias two side reporting and is now pure propaganda.


They blamed a Republican then played the hate card showing the public the poor black woman who lost her son so you should "hate" Republicans.


I guess now we will have to change channels to see the five Democrats and one Republican around a a table with a moderator giving them each equal air time by head count not party.



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