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If someone gave you $1000 to buy a gun, what would it be?


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An old Browning Hi-power, made in Belgum, from the early 80's.


With the trigger smoothed out, and adjustible sights. Walnut checkered grips.


The bluing on that pistol was the best I have ever seen on a production pistol, and the bluing also wore well. The first pistol I ever CCW'ed, and it fit my hand perfectly. It shot like I was just pointing my finger. The fit and finish were flawless inside and out. That pistol was pure sex.


And yes, I sold it. I still have to reach for the kleenex now and then....that's what I would buy.

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Right now, I'd choose around two categories, caliber and/or carry.


Caliber due to availability so that I can shoot it and lacking ammunition, I'd want to carry it. I'm not much for having guns that just sit in a safe. Got too many that do that now. I'd say you do too.


On my personal would do, probably a 1911 sub-compact.



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