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I'm gonna go broke, gone to the dogs, PICS UP IN OP


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I'm too much of a softie. On Thursday, I helped a buddy move. He had to bail on the apartment he was in, and move to a new one. Problem is, they couldn't take one of their dogs, a 10 year old female German Shepherd. I was their last resort, and was hesitant, because I already have four dogs, and an extra mouth to feed, clip, bathe, flea drop and vet checkup is not really at the top of my priority list. Well, like I said, I'm an old softie. I got there, and met the grand old girl, and well, she's sitting on her new cedar bed about 5' away from me now.


She's underweight, and my buddy couldn't figure out why she wouldn't gain weight. I checked her over (her first appointment with my vet is next week), and found that her molars are ground down to about nothing, they're barely there. Her canines and incisors look fine, but her molars are all but gone. I watched her eat dry dog food, and noticed she was having a hard time, and she was drinking a lot of water to get it down, and some was falling out the sides of her mouth. I made up a really big batch of "dog stew" (boiled beef scraps, some veggies cooked until soft, and a bunch of rice, with enough broth/water to keep a bunch of liquid around it), and she hoovers up almost a quart at a time. I don't think we'll have a weight problem for long at this rate. Funny thing is, I can build up a balanced diet with this stuff, and it's cheaper than the "premium" dog foods, and I know what's in it. I may take another of my critters off the bagged stuff for it at some point.


I'm going to have to take some pics, she's very photogenic.







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Nice job Pepper. There is a dog food called Soju that is dry but you mix it with water. We keep a bag around for a quick alternative to dogs that are on special diets we have to make sometimes. It is definitely not cheaper, but if you run out of stew it is quick

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