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585 HE -- Cases in Production --

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585 HE ---Tested Super Strong --


If you've followed our work in the 12ga FH thread you've seen

our 585 HE cartridge and its development. We have barrels

of cases and more coming.


We have put it in all kinds of guns, and tested it with 650gr

bullet over 3000 fps as heavy load to test the brass, and also

for lighter game like deer and hogs and target fun we found

that some of 440gr- 540gr 58cal Minie bullets work great


First picture shows it next to 505 Gibbs, it has same overall

loaded length as a Gibbs. Holds up to 190gr ball powder

under bullets...


Next pic is a barrel of cases..


Third representative of types of guns we have it in.Ed








AND We get asked about recoil. Guns are weighted a little, thick pads,

can be ported, use moderate loads, they shoot nice...And moderate

loads still much faster than 577NE. And can be had without costing a

years pay. Most local users(only 1 in 10000 hunters go Africa) can

shoot lighter .585 Minie bullets, which load for about 95 cents each,

once you have cases. Great for target fun, hogs, deer, etc... Cases

last forever. We can load to any power level we need or want.

Folks can get 100 cases, dies, barrel to put in something, 750 bucks.


Asked about #1, And perfect case for the Ruger #1.

The few #1s ever done in 577, they had to relieve

metal behind the action shoulders that breach block

rests against because of rim. Ours don't have to and the #1s

extractors I've seen work better with belted than big rimmed.

Ours holds more powder, cases built for extreme pressures.Ed



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Yes on some things but they can be loaded moderate with lighter

bullets for hogs, deer, and target fun. Or streamlined pointed bullets

for real long range target use.And can be setup in guns that

don't cost a years pay.Ed

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Case doesn't need special made shellholder, number 31 RCBS fits fine.

It is a straight belted case that holds up to 190gr of doublebase powder.

Powder need not be like charcoal, IE, really slow powder, as necked

needs. So it has effiencies of 37-39%, where necked cases are

about 29%. Here is one done in a Savage..




The loads tested at high pressures about 65,000 psi, when extracting, the

weight of the bolt after opening pulled cases out. We've fired moderate

loads in singleshots that we mono-blocked barrels into and the cases fall

out after firing. Here are couple a nice singles with 585HE in them.






Cases are made super strong, in the same factory run as the super

high pressure Cheytac cases. The base of our case is same size ahead of

belt as Cheytac/Gibbs bases. Done with same cups and draws, just uses

a different header, bunter, and sizer. Here is picture of the one we made

and the factory one sectioned showing the strong built inside corners.

These are not balloon head junk cases.




We and CH4D have die sets, Manson makes reamers, and we have some.

Reamer specs all set and the chambers made with them, the cases

extract at the highest pressures.

Here is pic of one we set with 585HE in a Greener GP.Ed



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W have cases, we and CH4D have dies, soon have regular twist barrels,

Get an action and you or smith put one together,Contact us for help.Ed

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W have cases, we and CH4D have dies, soon have regular twist barrels,

Get an action and you or smith put one together,Contact us for help.Ed

can I build one on a m700 long action gun? Are reamers available and how many reloads are you getting out of a case?

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A Remington is long enough if you can figure

out how to make an extractor to work with bigger

diameter case. Which is why I've never tried one.

Their bolt/extractor isn't the best to change to big cases.

If you PM me as I might find another deal for you.Ed

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WE get asked about whether the 585HE is a DD due to being

over 50 cal, and no it is not, as we applied for and got a

sporting cartridge exemption few years ago.


First picture is base view of cases new and old. On the left is

4 new ones that come with no headstamp that I stamped,

and the 6 new ones in the middle has a 585 stamp.

We got a barrel full without stamp and guys can wildcat

them and put their own stamp on..


Second is side view with some in # 31 holders.No special

holders needed. .Notice how uniform belts are on the new

shiny ones. Dark ones are ones I made years ago.


Third is one with AP bore rider bullet in with others

behind. Maybe make a great long range target cartridge.

Got a guy setting up one with long heavy barrel for that.








Here is picture of 585HE with 700gr HP CEB bullet and 750 gr

wide meplat CEB bullet..Ed



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In the pictures above you see the older first cases I made from Nyati

cases and other cases that were Nyati clones. These were straight basic,

long, untrimed cases, so I could get the longer case we wanted.


We get asked about the process of doing it and here is picture sketch

showing original case, a case with the start of a belt step, and finally

a case after it is swaged and sized. Note the belt diameter ends up the

same as the base diameter of the original brass. These cases we made

years ago was how we got the 585HE started and tested and some guns

done. This process can only work with original cases that have a thick

corner radius to leave plenty of thickness ahead of the belt. In doing this

process with different wildcats we have found cases that wouldn't work.




Now these cases have a diameter that works with regular bolt guns,

without extreme machining on the bolt, as opposed to 577NE and Trex.

Here is picture of a case held in a Ruger bolt, for example..




And our case is large enough capacity to get the power, without being an

oversize, soft case. Thicksided cases relative to size of the case are much

harder to harden the heads and the lower body back up to proper strength.

because of the extreme annealling needed, in the drawing

and heading operations in the manufacturing process.

Our cases are made with same cups and draws as the ultra high pressure

Cheytac cases, and our real high pressure tests show they perform with

no extraction problems.




Here is picture of a O/U I had top barrel sleeved with smooth tube, and use

the 585HE in it with lightweight, hollowbase Minie bullets. Shoots about as

accurate as foster slugs in a 12ga. Bottom barrel is 3.5" 12ga smooth.



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Some more info- For guys in other countries you can get cases

from Bertram in Australia. I can send die sets. There is a guy

in AUS that has a reamer I sent him.

We have experimented with black powder type of loads and the

Minie bullets, The Minies we use are the ones measuring .585".

Also for reduced loads with lesser amounts of powder we found

that 24ga wads work perfect in the case, like in this picture.


WE did couple guns in smooth barrel to test hollowbase Minies.

Found that they work for shot in our case. Holds 3/4 oz of shot.

Put a 24ga card on top and glue it in.


We even got one in good ole NEF, with a 585 barrel monoblocked

into it and gun weighted, with thick pad. Guy in TX got one also

and there is video on ytube-- URL below-- Ed









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We have a guy who is working toward getting the 585HE cases into

Canada, for guys there to be able to get them from him..

Our case works for black powder type of loads using .585" Minie

Bullets also. Here is picture sectioned case with 4 Pyrodex 54 cal

pellets stacked behind a 440 gr Minie Bullet.Goes over 2500.

Can be loaded with 3 pellets and 24ga cushion wad.


Here is an innovation in a 585HE Falling Block we did. It's in a

one piece thumbhole rifle stock. Nice to handle and shoots heavy

loads a comfortable as a weighted bolt action gun. FBW brand.


Here is a bunch of barrels we have, the wrapped ones are slow

twist just for guys doing 585HE guns to use Minie bullets for

deer, hogs, target, and plain ole fun Using black or smokeless.


Here is picture of one being done by a guy on a big Enfield with a

nice figured Walnut stock. It is weighted and has a thick pad.

Being done African style with thick barrel and integral front sight.

You can see a bunch cases in background shelf.--Ed






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Hooray the first batch 585 barrels from McGowen has got here, more

will be built.They are the regular 1 to 20 twist barrels, and we have 14

that are profiled and polished, and 3 others that are straight blanks,

1 to 20 twist. And 6 slow twist barrel blanks for guys doing mainly

Minie bullet guns, and bunch smoothbore blanks...Pics soon.


Here are couple more pictures of the gun guy is doing with nice stock.






Here is picture, 585 FBW falling block with Hogue Knoxx Compstock.

Helps reduce recoil in this lighter gun. Ed



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Here is picture of the barrels from McGowen, with other barrels.

We got most of the McGowens profiled and some straight blanks.

Others we have are the slow twist and smooth...In back some

of the cases and die sets.




Here is picture of an Enfield and a BBK in Hogue recoil

reducing stocks. These stocks are the rubber coated with

the easy to grip, nice pistol grip..Have Mcgowen 26 inch barrels,

1 to 20 twist, barrels are heavy profile and taper

to .980 inch at the muzzle.




Here is a visual comparison of why I really like Enfields and

Rugers for big bore work. An Enfield on the left.... Lugs

built much stronger, simpler to put barrels in actions,

without the wall in the middle of front reciever. Easier

to shape breaches to feed big cases, so they don't hang up.

Left lug longer and forward, simpler to do bolt faces to hold

bigger cases...Ed



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Here is picture of 585HE in a Montana Rifle Co. PH action.

The double stack mag for the 505 Gibbs they make works ok.

The Enfield in the Hogue stock above is done and gone.




We also had guy show us how the case can work for a

high energy subsonic, real high energy for subsonic

1600 gr at 1050 fps. 400 ft lbs. The 585HE Whisper

Anyone with some way overbore 14.9 mm necked

cases on huge actions, can make case inserts for

using our case to fire subsonic And still fire 650gr or 750 gr

at high speeds. Can't get 14.9 Russian cases, use ours in

same gun with inserts.





Break action I like, we did on a CBC by mono-blocking a 585

barrel, set up especially for Minie bullets of 440 to 540 gr.




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