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Grizzly Bear Defense; 10MM Load


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I'm looking for some recommendation's on what the ideal hand load is in the event I need to shoot a grizzly bear. Not all that uncommon here in Alaska. On most of our fishing outings, we have been in close proximity to one or more bears. Some with good stories to go with. This is the main reason I purchased the 10mm. I have the Glock 20SF.


On recommendation, I purchased a box of 220 gr Buffalo Bore Ammo. Expensive and still sitting on the shelf of my reloading bench. I have since then purchased components needed to put my own rounds together. My intent is to put a lot of the same rounds through the barrel at the range that I would shoot at a bear if ever the need arises. I also switched out barrels to the Lone Wolf LWD Barrel, M20 extended 2 Port and the LWD S/S Guide Rod Assembly.


A few years back while talking to an Alaskan hunter, he stated that when hunting grizzlies with a rifle, his third or fourth round in the magazine was always a Barnes X solid. A "bone crusher" as he put it.


Thanks in advance for your recommendations.


Fish Alaska

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I agree that those are all better choices. I have a 10mm though; a lot easier to carry and it holds more bullets. There are definitely some less desirable sacrifices when compared to other options. I've toted a 12 gauge which some would say is as useful as the 10mm too for stopping power. A Marlin 45-70 would be the ideal choice at 1900 fps.

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Accepting that you are limited to a 10mm handgun, it is the bullet performance that you should focus on. Solid Copper, non-expanding, flat meplat bullets would be the best choice for Dangerous Game/Safari use in the Glock. Non-expanding for added penetration; large meplat for bone breaking and minimal deflection of bullet path.


Cutting Edge Bullets makes a .40 cal 190 gr solid copper bullet if you reload. These are what I load for Bear Defense: https://cuttingedgebullets.com/40-190gr-handgun-solid

AA9 13.4 gr 190 gr CEB G40 Glock = 1265 fps mv

Power Pistol 8.5 gr 190 gr CEB G40 Glock = 1228 fps


Double Tap and Buffalo Bore make heavy lead bullets in 10mm Auto for Dangerous Game. Although Glock does not recommend lead bullets as a safety factor, the few that would be fired in a Bear Defense situation poses no problem of lead build-up in the barrel resulting in over pressure.

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