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243 LBC Fortune Favors The Bold

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An old post but a beginning.


Aug 17, 2012 at 3:38pm


Time to show what has been cooking for a few months at BHW for me. I decided back a few months ago that since I had a 6X45 and a 6X68 I needed the last of the series to complete my 6 MM entourage. I also want to share what this one says about my past.
Since I am so involved in the long range aspect of shooting PD's and F-Class I wanted a full bull barrel profile with a 24" tube. I wanted the option of trying a bit bigger bullet in matches than the other two and I knew that the LBC case will put out a bit more performance than the 6X68 even though they are virtually identical in their case capacity.
Of course I can't stand plain since Kiz and BHW came onto my radar screen so I spent a few days thinking about what I wanted engraved on this one. I have reached a point in my life where a smile flickers when I think of my myriad of experiences over the years and I wanted to focus a bit on my career that I just retired from.
Before I retired I was on SORT, FBOP SWAT, as the medical person and as a trainer for and as a M/O wit h the team. I was the oldest member on the teams in the US on my retirement and have nothing but good memories of the years I trained and operated with them.
They have a motto like many close knit groups and the one on the barrel is the FBOP's that we went by. I never had much use for Latin but the translation on this one is, "Fortune Favors The Bold" Not original to SORT but it does bring up what many have learned.
Ruminations over here we go. :)
The RW&BT showed up and the nice lady carted this one to the door for me.
The box has made a full six round trips now from here to Ritch Johnson at RPG, Forum Sponsor, up in St. George, Utah. The extra cost for shipping tape is about $2.50 per trip at this point. Ritch and I are recycling big time. It is the box that one of my DCM M1 Carbines came in.
I got out the knife and started cutting tape. This was not the quietest and slowest activity in the house so I had company PDQ. This is Koko. He does initial inspection and QC on any packages I receive. He noted that beside the upper that this one had a batch of 28 gauge Remington hulls for use against his arch enemies the Morning Doves. After inspection he gave me a Four Paws Rating for Ritch's work and the new upper.
I didn't have a lose scope to mount but a lower was not hard to come by that will suffice temporarily. This one is pretty stock except for the trigger job I've done on it. Kind of cloudy today but a batch of sunshine hit so I strolled out to the mint patch for a photo op.
The upper is an RRA and the FF tube is a Young Manufacturing unit. I didn't put the BCG or charging handle in it for the pictures but it will be an Aero unit. To show what Kiz has wrought and the specs on the barrel I took a shot to show what will be slinging bullets down range shortly.
And the motto that keeps me trying even today.
Kiz added the griffins, or gryphus in Latin, as a nice finishing touch and I thought her choice was very apt. I think that this is not the last BHW barrel I'll have with those in place.
I'll be making brass this weekend and hopefully Fortune and Sting will make a trip to the range next week for a shakedown session and get their initial rounds down range. I'll have a lot to say as these two make their preferences known.
Any thoughts?

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I have not been posting on this one!! I've been shooting it so much that I have just not done it. I've got some good groups set up in the book but just need to scan them.

This one is one of my latest attempts. I wanted to see if I can get the 95 Nosler BT's to shoot and shoot they do, These were long but this bullet will take the jump once I start adjusting the charge. Notice the velocities. More than usable for deer and antelope as far as I would want to shoot them.


The firts one was a four shotter as it was a clean bore and I had to waste the first one in the dirt for a fouler. The second was abit quicker. Notice they are a bit vertical? I think a tad more go powder will bring them a bit closer together and then we will have one of those shoot 'em in the eye loads. ;)

I'll have to dig out the load I'm shooting at 500 yards with the Hornady 87's. It is killing the x and ten ring for me. I never thought I'd be getting that many in a two and one half inch target much less so many in a five inch one.

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I'm trying to decide between the three 6mm options. Since you have experience with all three, can you confirm what the velocity difference is between the 6x45, 6x68 and 243 lbc if using the same barrel length and same load in each ?
For example, 24" barrels, either 70 or 85/87 gr bullets.
The 6x45 is the cheapest, the others require dies and brass that will bump up the cost; are they worth the additional expense ?
Your spin would be appreciated, thanks.
Kind of a mixed kettle of fish as each shines in its' own way. I've shot 87 Hornady HPBT's in all three. Obviously the loads in the 6X45 won't be the same because the case capacity is smaller.
Velocity with accuracy is what makes or breaks a load. The BHW barrels are faster than regular Enfield rifled barrels so that is a free 50-75 FPS. All mine are out of 24" barrels. I could ALWAYS get higher velocities that what I am running but here is the current listings for what I have used at 500 yards. Not a huge difference but at times you go with what shoots as well as you can and in my case it was a desire to be as close to 0.5 MOA as I could get.
The velocities I am shooting at are very close. Now this is trying for a match bullet load. Invariably most shooters find the 3000-3100 FPS node about right on the smaller 6 MM's.
Looking back over my data on the 87's I found that the 6X45 at MAX would equal the other two a the lower end in velocities. The 6X6.8 was about 100 FPS faster easily than the 6X45 and the 243 LBC was up to another 50 feet faster than the 6X68 at the same powder levels. Of course these wee shot at different temps so that comes in to play.
The bigger two cases share almost the same case volume but offer advantages in each platform from the area of bolt thrust and overall loaded lengths for seating depth.
I have not shot the lighter bullets in the 6X68 and 243 LBC side by side. Ritch has really shot a ton of them and the 6X68 IIRC is a tad faster with the light guys. I think it is a better case for the 75 and under crowd. When you try to step up to over 95 I would give the nod to the LBC for straight normal magzine laoding. . But with longer capcity magazines bigger bullets are usable in the 6X6.8 along atthe same speds as the 243 LBC and actually across te board can exceed the LBC.
Now all that being said things to consider are you main use and do you want to deal with forming cases. The case forming is a piece of cake for the 6X68 and 243 and of course you have to neck the 6X45 up. Dies are easy to get no matter which you choose. Brass cost realistically for the 6X68 and 243 are the same. the 6X45 is virtually free.
I like having extra horsepower when I want it and the two bigger ones have that over the 6X45. The 6X68 will feed better inherently than the 243 LBC.
If I were going for a very light usage deer gun and heavy varmint usage I would go with the 6X68. It has enough extra to exceed the 6X45 in the big category and we know can do 3600+ with the 58 grain bullets. I've shot the 6X45 for almost 30 years and will continue to do so. It is a fun one on PD's and makes a great IPSC match round. The 6X68 will reach 500 in matches and the 243 will let me hit 1000 if I want.
Like I said so many possibilities and so many opportunities. The one thing that I can say is I have not hot rodded the 243 LBC as much as the 6X68. I know that pressure wise my 243 seems to show less pressure but there is a point where you just can't gain more usable speed.
IT is almost a curse that all three do so well. I guess I'll go on about my PD killin' and be cursed and smile every time the cross hairs settled down.
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