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So who's planning a romantic night @... McDonalds?!?!

The War Wagon

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Alright Floridians - fess up. Who's going to Chez Mickey's this evening? :laugh:



Have You Made Your Valentine's Day Reservations at McDonalds, yet?





According to The Tampa Bay Times, On Friday, February 14th, one McDonalds in Tampa will convert into a romantic, full service restaurant with waiters, LED candles, flowers on every table and the ability to make phone reservations.


The menu items will be the same as always


Is there ANYTHING more romantic, than the Mcbelch of Mconions, with your beloved? :hysterical3:

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Reserved seats, hahahah....Just grap a bag full of dollar menu items and pick up a bottle of cold duck champaign (ya know with the screw off top) and settle down to a romantic meal and movie ....................The movie being MAD MAX of course!!!! hahahahahahahahahhaha :devilbunny: For extra bonus points, fold the dollar menu napkins into a dozen roses and stuck them in her diet coke can, because ya know she don't need any more sugar to make he arse flubbar. :beeler:

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Well, all you need is three months in CT where everything is boiled potatoes and meat with little seasoning. After a while it is like. Morton ‘ Cafeteria, everything tastes the same. You ouould do what we of the South did, go ask an instructor at the school where a Golden Arches Supper Club was located. We just wanted something that tasted like we could eat at home. We were totally wore out with Yankee food. We had 18 stuffed into 3 cars when we left for Mackey Dees.


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