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Feb 15, 2013 at 2:14pmFeb 15, 2013 at 2:14pm Bowhntr6pt


Post by Bowhntr6pt on Feb 15, 2013 at 2:14pm
Just completed the first of two builds. This one is the 18" version, have the 20" upper almost complete. I went with MagPul FDE as a color choice. Parts include:

MagPul PRS Stock, MagPul Grip, Timney 3lb Trigger, DPMS associated lower parts kit, MagPul rail covers, Leupold MK AR 3-9 with FireDot TMR, and the Leupold MK2 mount. The free-float rail is YHM as is the FS. Lower is LRB with a Flat-Top upper of course. Sling is Specter Gear, 3-point.

FUNCTION: Placed 3 rounds in a mag... 1st round fine, second FTE, 3rd was fine. I stopped and replaced the extractor spring with BCM's extractor upgrade... meant to do it anyway. No more FTE's.

About every 3rd round I was getting GREAT ejection but inadaquate BCG travel. A few times the BCG failed to lock back. Readjusted the gas block twice and after about 25 rounds things looked good.

Loaded 5 rounds in a mag ONE AT A TIME and all 5 locked the BCG back. Loaded 2 rounds and it cycled fine locking the BCG back... I think it's all lined up now. The more I shoot the more the carbon will seal up any slight gaps between the barrel and gas block.

Hope to hit the range tomorrow to do more shooting and get it sighted in. I am attending MagPul's SDM/SPR class this next week, hope to get this rifle into the mix.





So what do you guys think?


Post by Bowhntr6pt on Feb 15, 2013 at 2:14pm

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Feb 17, 2013 at 12:12pm Bowhntr6pt
Post by Bowhntr6pt on Feb 17, 2013 at 12:12pm
Had very little time to get out this morning... but the trip was well worth it. I managed to get about 30 more rounds out of the new build with no malfunctions of any kind.

Had a good wind coming across from about my 8:00 and I don't see where it made a difference. Range was 100 yards off a stable bench using a bag.

Ammo fired was a mix of factory M193 and hand loads. All hand load brass was Remington once fired that was full-length sized and trimmed. COAL for all rounds was 2.260". All primers were Federal Gold Medal Match.

Two groups fired were Sierra 52gr HPBT Match with 26.0 grs W-748 and one group fired was Hornady 55gr V-Max with 26.0 Varget.

All in all I'm VERY PLEASED so far... I think this one is a true keeper with SOLID sub-MOA accuracy.

This was the sight-in group with M193... measures about 1.75", not bad for military ball.


Next up was the Sierra 52gr BTHP Match, I seemed to have pulled one high... measured .610" w/o the odd man out there doing his own thing...


Second group, same load... measured 1.040"...


Last load was the Hoernady 55gr V-Max, my 18" WOA build loves this load and it looks like the 18" BHW does too... measured .600"...


Can't ait to get back out on a calm day where I can Chrony some loads and get a better idea what the rifle will do OVERALL. I know shooting one or two GREAT groups can be misleading... so I'm wanting to see the AVERAGE potential of this build.

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That'll Git 'r' Done quite effectively!


Tell us more about the barrel

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That'll Git 'r' Done quite effectively!


Tell us more about the barrel


This one was a standard weight 556. The meat and potatoes profile of the AR world. 1:8 twist. A clean build with pleasing lines and a performer to boot.



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