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243 LBC and Bullet Case Capacity

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Post by GLSHOOTER on Dec 5, 2012 at 4:10pm
I was doing a visual study on the 243 LBC and how much common seating depth would effect the usable case capacity on them. I went ahead and did the same thing using the same bullets in the LBC. One thing to remember is that on some bullets we can seat way out and exceed magazine length but on many we are limited to COL because we can't keep enough bullet in the neck for god purchase. I've loaded all these at a normal length that would let you use the platform as it was designed as a semi-auto. I do load past magazine length for single shot s I can reach the lands without any issue.

This is a 105 Hornady that I want to experiment with. I've shot some Berger 105's that showed some promise but they are so long you cannot feed them from a magazine and hope for cutting edge accuracy.


You can see how much you loose with a large bullet.

The next one is a 95 grain Nosler BT. A good deer bullet and it will get a hard look if I go after some big game with the LBC. Less room taken up and I like that. The 95's I have shot group well if you find the right powder and seating depth.


The last one is the Hot Rod of the cartridge. A 58 VMAX that will move right on out and put the smack down on anything you can see at a reasonable, or not so reasonable, range.


Notice no bullet showing. This one can't be seated out too far as there is not enough shank to really get some length on it. I am shooting the big bullets single shot at 500 yards and am holding under an MOA when I do my part. What a hoot to lay there and be able to hit a dessert plate nine times out of ten!! ;D

I hope this shows what we are doing when we try to choke a big bullet down in these short fat cases. I would stick with the 95 as a top end as there are lots of good ones out there for targets and live game work.

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