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20 LBC

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Post by carvercalls on Aug 3, 2011 at 4:55am
The mail man delivered a package from RPG custom Uppers this morning ( Ritch Johnson) A fellow prostaffer.. Inside the package was a beautifully put together 20 LBC.. I headed straight for the reloading room to get some rounds loaded. Then off to the range. I installed an Eo Tech on it for the time being. I bore sighted the upper in and went to shooting what a fun gun!! I was shooting 40 gr. Hornady V Max bullets powered by 135 powder. This is the 1st and only load I have tried in it. I just got it LOL.. We will be working on several loads in the very near future.. Here are the results. Pictures say 1000 words so here they are.. BHW has a winner here!!

This is the AR..




This is the 1st 7 shots ever fired out uf the upper. This group was fired @ 50 yards.


The velocity. We can get this up from here, this is the starting load..


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