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Wyoming Arms Parker 10MM

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I have a Wyoming Arms 10MM that is spot on accurate and a pleasure to shoot. Great sight picture and recoil is minimum for a 10 but all I read in other forums is negative. Have any of you owned this gun and what are your thoughts? I'm new member here and am enjoying reading some very insightful post.



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I don't own or have ever shot a Wyoming Arms 10mm, but a properly loaded 10mm is one of the best rounds around. I have Dan Wesson's, Glocks and even a Wilson Combat 10mm and they all are a pleasure to shoot. (I prefer the 1911 style platform for the 10mm, but Glocks do very well.) The 10mm is my favorite handgun round. Enjoy your Wyoming Arms 10mm and ignore what others say about them - it's your gun and as long as you enjoy shooting it it doesn't matter what others say. If you like the Ten, try other brands as your budget allows. Get into handloading for the 10mm if you LOVE the round. ENJOY!


Take care, keep up your membership to the NRA and be proactive by writing/emailing your congressmen - the government :devilbunny: is coming for our guns! (Take a look at the new Connecticut Gun


Laws. You have to register each magazine and gun that holds over 10 rounds as well as all "assault" weapons!!!) :run:



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Yes. You are correct about the Parker Pistols. I have a 3 3/8 inch 10mm and it is accurate, low recoil, dependable and a pleasure to shoot. Many Parkers in the market are damaged as people lost parts and tried to replace them with parts either made by smiths or made for other firearms. When you pull off the slide the parts will fly out. Probably a bad thing for an Army gun but ok for home and range. I saw that two Parkers hit the web today for sale at $500 and as only a few were made they are pretty rare. I shoot a 180 grain bullet handloaded to 1500 fps in mine. It shoots a lot softer with this load then my Glock 29. Gun Parts Corp. has some parts available and the Colt Delta 10 mags will work in Parkers. Like all auto loaders the follower has to be at the right angle for the feed so that might be different by pistol and also caliber. The Wilson 10's work perfect in mine. If you see a Parker for sale at a good price buy it as most of the people that complain about the Parkers have never shot or owned one. I would not trade mine for two of any other 10mm.

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I have owned a few over the years and if they functioned, they were inaccurate. What I remember the most about them was it felt like every metal to metal contact felt abrasive like sandpaper. Triggers weren't that good too. Most of these that I had were eons ago but before I got used to shooting higher quality guns like Dan Wesson Razorback's or Springfield Omega Match's so I wasn't yet spoiled.


That said, we don't mean to rain on your parade. If you are happy with it, and it works well for you, then enjoy it! I have a very early Kel-Tec P3AT .380 that almost no one could make theirs shoot. I have probably put 3k rounds through the pipe with various ammo without one stoppage, accurate enough for what it is designed for, etc. In fact, if I could trade it for a newer design one, I wouldn't because I know how good this one is. Sometimes a person is just lucky and get a good one of a bad batch. Sometimes, you are unlucky with good brands and get a bad one (like My Kimber Stainless Target II experience).

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