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I had a fellow contact me about his new 20 Practical build that Ritch did for him as I had small part do play in its building. The barrel was one I had stuck away in my reloading room for a rainy day but a Ritch knew about it and he implored me to give it up for the cause so in the spirit of sharing off it went to Utah. The rig used a match grade 24" Standard weight 1:10 3P Black Hole with a rifle gas. Rock River NM trigger, BTE forearm and BTE adjustable gas block. This was the first 20 Practical that the fellow had loaded for and he started out just wanting to get the bore a bit dirty with a conservative load.

The build.


Load was 32 grain VMAX over 26.0 grains of X-terminator. A pretty pedestrian 3750 but nothing to sneeze at. Five shots at 75 to get on the paper and then he laid down the law at 200 YARDS. For a first attempt he does OK in my book. What say you?


I am going to send him a caliper as his tape measure is a bit out of proportion for this chore. 5/8" (0.625) - 0.204 gives him a 0.421 effort at 200. That would be 0.201 MOA. I believe that once he gets his data straight he will be raising havoc on those Iowa crows he loves to hunt. I darn sure wouldn't want to be Wiley in that area!! LOL



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