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Very First Build: 16in Dissy

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I've always loved the "Dissipator" look, so I based my first build on that style.








Still want to add a few goodies like an Ambi selector, a better looking bolt release, and a sling mount on front. But this is the finished product. It's a bit of a FrankenAR but it's everything I wanted except for the Daniel Defense muzzle device, which they're no longer producing. If anyone is interested in parts just ask and I'll let ya know what I used. Otherwise I won't bore you with particulars.


All in all I'm very pleased with this being my first try and was surprised how easily everything went together. Beyond happy with the BHW barrel and can't wait till the weather gets better so I can head out and break it in.






I'm no photographer, so the bed comforter background will have to do LOL.

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Nicely done, Sir.

Good looking build.

The bed looks comfy too. :)


Please give us a range report after you get her out.



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