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Looking for SwampFox Ammo...Please help!

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I would still like to see some other SwampFox Ammo like the 135's, 155's, 165's, 175's and if he made any 155 or 175 SilverTip Ammo...Seeing how he used mostly LongShot, he did say he used Winchester Autocomp 155gr's...Looking to preserve the history of Mike Willard's work for everyone present and future. :salute:

Please If any one has some original Swamp Fox ammo please consider sending 1 or 2 rounds for the pull-down study and documentation. Maybe some non members or members will spare a round or two if they have any of the ammo left in their inventory or if they have the means do the pull down themselves to document what they find.


If you do wish to help and would like the rounds back, I can restore them back to factory perfect and send them back. :thumb:


Here is some of the data already documented; http://10mm-firearms.com/factory-10mm-ammo-pull-downs/swamp-fox-ammo-pull-downs-needed!/msg30023/#new

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