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Longslide Break-in

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I have a Glock G20 in at Lonewolf Distributors getting some custom work done, including a new 6.61" barrel, slide and comp. They tell me that it takes about 100 rounds to break them in, and the most common problem is failure to return to battery. They suggest a little extra lube on the front of the barrel and then let them fly. Has anyone had any experience with this? Suggestions?


I plan to shoot Underwood ammo (nothing "short and weak") and have 165gr JHP @1400fps, 180gr XTP and TMJ both @1300fps, and 220 hard cast @1200fps.


I'll probably video the break-in, it should be a sweet ride!

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Choot it!


I use this on my 1911s.......



Interesting stuff, I assume that you're happy with how it works?



very nice looking, bet it shoots like it looks


Thanks! Judge for yourself... :cool: http://vid1222.photobucket.com/albums/dd486/lucentlackey/10MMSlow_moHD.mp4

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