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Banning So-called "Assault Weapons" & Mags

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To my Illinois Brothers:


Governor Quinn has resurrected his call for banning assault weapons and standard capacity magazines as part of his campaign for re-election.


Even worse, his republican challenger for this fall put out the most mealy mouthed response I have ever heard from a politician.


It is time to burn up the servers, phone lines, and stuff the mail boxes of Quinn, your State legislators, and Rauner, the republican nominee for Governor.


Rauner (BruceRauner.com) needs to be told he can win this race going away if he comes out in support of 2A rights. And then we need to follow through with our promise. He needs some respectful, reasoned education on what a defensive rifle is, what an assault weapon is, and what a standard capacity magazine is. He must shape the debate, and not fall for the trick of using the rhetoric of the left.


Call the Illinois Rifle Association representative for your part of the State and offer your time and if you can, a little treasure.

Contact info for your local rep can be found at NRA.org or in the back of your NRA magazine.


We finally got CCW, and the left is still smarting, especially after their loses in Court.


Let's not lose the right to own defensive rifles and their magazines !



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Is it possible to lose a right? Good luck with your battle. We are being attacked here in OR too.

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Quinn is gone.

We managed to elect a Republican govenor....hope he sticks to his guns.


He is busy fighting the unions and convincing the democrats who have controlled this State for the past 84 years that we should not spend money we don't have, and lower corporate taxes to get some business to come back to the State.


My OP was before the last election.

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