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Alright thanks. I am on Westside right next to NAS Jax and have usually gone to St. Nicks and On Target for the range. I am looking for a nice outdoor range that doesnt have a crazy membership fee and that has a "day use" fee. Once I get my goal amount of savings my wife and I are looking into a good chunk of land probably in Nassau County, so until than I am forced to use another facility for range time.

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Whats up everyone. I'm new to Florida and this forum altogether. Any other Jacksonville Florida people want to help me with some insight on local ranges, best LGS, etc.?

The best range in town is Gateway Rifle Pistol Club and is an out door range. It is located around 103rd and olde middleberg road. Become a member it is worth it as it opens up the whole compound to you. They have all the brass you can pick up and cheap reloading components that are sold for cost to members. Also Fish and Wild Life has a public range out in Oceola National Forest towards Gainsville on I-10. Every Sunday they provide free food and all the fees are covered by your managaement stamp (which I do not believe they require anymore). They even do machine gun shoots once a month. I did all my transfers DDG Taser right off Blanding in the Youngerman Circle area, they had the best price and easy to work with.

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I could almost throw a rock and hit NAS from my house........well maybe not but I live off Lakeshore so thats pretty close! Gateway is definitely a good range. Membership is $124 annually and they have a $124 initiation fee. The annual dues are prorated so the later in the year, the price goes down. I have also read there is another outdoor range between OP and Middleburg off of College but have no info on it. I didnt know USFW/ FWC did any scheduled events at the Osceola range but that sounds interesting. I dont know exactly how you get there but that should be easy enough to find out.


We will hafta get all the JAX Armory members together for a shoot at one of them. I am pretty busy right now with work and Hog Quota Hunt is coming up in Feb so maybe later in the year if anyone is interested.


Take care all!

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