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Bill to ban redlight cams in the entire state coming


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Well I guess one of the issues they are having in the state is that the way the system currently works is the camera operating company sends you the ticket. If you don't pay it there is no legal standing for them to issue a summons, add points to your license, or even enforce the fine. So if you get the ticket and toss it in the trash, there is really nothing LE can do about it but most folks think it actually carries some legal weight.

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Good luck. Red light cameras cause more crashes than they prevent. They're revenue generators, that's all.



Nailed this post. Nothing worse than sitting at a light where the locals dare not turn right on red and those who don't know a camera is there not having a clue why they are being such idiots. They have absolutely zero intuition and do nothing to stop drunks or criminals. Their upfront cost each is enough to pay a real cops salary.

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I'm mixed on red light cameras. There are some dangerous intersections where I've seen multiple wrecks.


I'd rather have all red light cams and no speed cams than neither or both.


I have read some stats that indicate red light cameras cause more accidents than before they were installed.

The conclusion is people are standing on their brakes on yellow lights and getting rear ended rather than risk a red light ticket.

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