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18" midlength American 30 range day.


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  • 2 weeks later...

Range day with load test.

Today worked out well.

Found out while LT-30 was good for case forming with Sierra 110 gr HP bullets. It pooched with the Lapua 123 gr. FMJ bullets.

LT-30 tested slower than H4198 with the same components. It is advertised as faster than H4198 in 30BR, But then again this ain't 30BR.

So the LT-30 that I have will be relegated to case forming duties.

Tested RL-7 today with the Lapua 123 gr. FMJ bullets and Speer 200 gr. Hot-cor at sub-sonic.

Got over the 2500 fps avg. velocity hump.

And 4 out of the 5 loads had single S.D.'s. Never had that happen before.




The 2514 avg. fps. ended up being my best group and S.D. for five round group.

Of course I sent round #4 into left field again.

Greg has been telling us RL-7 is the powder for this caliber.

Talking about Greg, I tried the sub-sonic load data he gave me.

I had never shot sub-sonic, so I was not sure where the P.O.I. would be to the P.O.A. I only made 3 cartridges with three test loads.

This is at 50 yards.



Cross hairs in center target to start, about 5-6" low.

I have a Leupold scope with Mil-dots and the next to loads were with targets centered with the second Mil-dot below the crosshairs.

Need to try again with the 1061 fps load because that was my first time lining up the Mil-dot, and I know I messed up.

With my 18" midlength gas system and adjustable gas block set with a restriction. My rifle would not eject the fired cases.

I need to just spend a day shooting sub-sonic and open the gas block all the way to see what happens.

No problem though with my right hand side charging upper. I just shot it today as a straight pull bolt action rifle.


Need to try a few other projectiles I have in 125-130 grains. Going to be an interesting Summer.

Thank you.








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