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Most reliable feeding heavy 10mm Glock 20 loads?

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I want to carry a Glock 20 in the standard configuration for mountain lion and black bear protection. What heavy rounds run most reliably in the 20? If you carry a 20 what's your defensive load? I'm looking at Underwood or Double tap. I want 100 percent feed reliability as well as no key holing.

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Well bullet fit to the bore is the essential key for the true flight to prevent keyholing. This has been seen in some of the commercial loads that were tested.


The Meplat has a lot to do with the reliability of feeding as it can affect the tipping angle of the cartridge as it strips from the magazine and tries to enter the chamber.

In my observations Double Tap used a large Meplat and a shorter cartridge over all length, 1.12400"-1.2420" here is a link to the pull-down for DT's 200gr with gas check; http://10mm-firearms.com/factory-10mm-ammo-pull-downs/double-tap-200gr-wide-flat-nose-hard-cast-gas-checked/


Underwood was using a slightly smaller Meplat bullet with a rounded edge see the pull-down of his 220 gr here; http://10mm-firearms.com/factory-10mm-ammo-pull-downs/underwood-220gr-hard-cast-pull-down/

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