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Deburring the Flash Hole (How to with instructions)

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Are there burrs in the flash hole of most brass, yes. Is it necessary to remove it, in my opinion no. When I was shooting X-course, I got very anal about my brass and loads. While checking load performance at 600 yards, shooting a Bushmaster match lower with a Compass Lake match upper, I noticed that loads that did not have the flash hole de-burred and did not have the powder charges hand weighed (this ammo I called "practice"), still put all 22 rounds (2 sighters and 20 shots for record) into a 3 1/2 inch group. That was 3 1/2" group at 600 yards with iron sights, shot prone with a sling, not off of some bench rest. Now I don't know about you, but as for me, a roughly 1/2 moa group at 600 yards is quite acceptable.


Spend less time loading and more time on the range. Works for me.

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Wouldn't you also need to deburr the primer pocket of military round fired brass? The primers are crimped, aren't they?

I just take my chamfer tool and run it until the edge of the primer pocket is round enough to get a primer in.

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