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Everyone please read this


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We have a forum here entitled Political Asylum. It's password protected, so if you don't want to read it, you don't have to. If you want the password here it is: voteguns



It's clear the political season has begun. Any post about Clinton, Obama, Rubio, Walker, Carson, or any political figure belongs in the political Asylum. Any post reporting a news story about those people belongs in the Political Asylum. Any post about politics belongs in there. Please put them there.


When a politician starts talking about marijuana, that's political. Guess where it goes. If someone is talking about Hillary and Benghazi, guess where it belongs.


The rules in the PA are a little more relaxed. Remember, what is said in the Political Asylum stays in the Political Asylum.

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Thank you, I am glad this was brought up. Sinetimes I just want to read the gun stuff and have felt to much politics have poored out into the gen discussion for a while. I enjoy responding tk some, but when I am not in the mood i can sign out and not see it.

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