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American 30 Powder charge Vs Groups. :)


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I had removed the American 30 barrel I had off of one of my AR's and replaced it with a 16" BHW , 8 twist .264 LBC barrel, which is shooting very well with factory Hornady A-Max ammo.




I decided to build another AR with the 18" A30 barrel. This one I did in Titanium Cerakote with black furniture and some Guchi machine stainless, extended take down pins.













So with Greg's advice/posts I decided to give RL-7 and the the 125gr Nosler Ballistic Tip combo a try. Bellow is a pic of several targets I shot with 26gr of RL-7 with a 125gr BT parked on top. These were shot at 200 and 300 yards from the bench with a bipod and rear bag. Wind was fairly crazy that day so at 300 yards all I really cared about was keeping my vertical tight, I know the overall group at 300 would have been better on a calmer day. I was happy with the 300 yard group considering the conditions.





Now for the the 200 yards group @ 27grs of RL-7 behind a 125gr BT. Everything was loaded the same, same cases, brass, bullet and primer. The only difference was the powder charge was 27grs instead of 26grs. Quite the difference!!!


This is 13 shots at 200 yards. 27gr RL-7 and a 125gr Nolser BT.





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