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nato aug or aug owners

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Last week i got a wild hair and ordered a nato version from pjs. I knew some mags could cause internal wear, "specifically certain magazines may cause the bolt catch to contact the bolt carrier during firing, leading to damage / premature wear. Similar problems have been reported with certain magazines and the SCAR as well as the Tavor." Then pete himself added in that thread that colt 30's work in his natos w/o issue.

What should i do?

1.remove my bolt catch. This part is unnecessary, if i am understanding this gun, as it has no bolt release anyway?

2. Buy a bunch usgi mags? (Assuming if the colts are gtg then all other usgi mags are as well. Least appealing solution, as i have 40+ pmags and need monies for optics

3. Shoot it and look for wear



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