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Menominee Tribe's Hemp Crop Destroyed by DEA Agents


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  • 2 years later...

“The hemp crop was intended to be a legal crop allowed by the Farm Bill, according to the statement. ”


Well according to the sample taken it was not. It was therefor destroyed.


More "war on drugs" nonsense.

Yes keeping drugs out of the schools, is a terrible thing.

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It was suppose to be Indian Hemp, the hemp used to make rope, but it wasn't. Once it was traffic then it was fair game.


Now in all fairness to the Native Americans, they aren't the only ones to legalize rope hemp. Quite a few states have. It once was a major crop in this country and used for all kinds of rope from the rope used on ships to bailing hay. I grew up around hemp rope. There's no comparison in environmental impact over plastic or metal. Wild Indian Hemp or basically rope hemp, the THC is so low growing up in KY we called "Blue Grass, wouldn't get a fly high." I kid you not, you couldn't sell that crap if you wanted to. Might as well bag up oregano and cal it pot.


Anyway the whole problem with with growing rope hemp is its a hell of a cover for illegal hemp. Though cultivation is radically different, they look pretty much the same and where rope hemp goes for pennies a pound, recreational hemp goes for hundreds.


KY was one of those states rope hemp was a major cash crop and Indian Hemp a natural plant in the forest. When I was a kid, we use laugh at the drug enforcement guys getting their picture in the paper for this big pot bust knowing what they found was Indian Hemp. The laughing stopped when they started taking people's farms and the black helicopters started scaring the holy shat out of people.


For all practical purposes, in the last 50 years we eradicated a plant that not only use to be a major commercial crop good the environment but a natural plant that use to grow on the side of the road. Whether you are a fan of recreational pot or not that was one hell of a damn feat. Imagine the manpower and resources say if you wanted to eradicate dandelions? That's about what happened in Appalachia. It was once that common.



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It is strange to me that historically, the US was a major supplier of hemp for rope in world commerce, then India took over the production of hemp and the US took a back seat. Now the American Indian councials and individual tribes are trying to get back into hemp production and it seems like anything and everything is being done to come between them and success  with that production: production of a plant that is nothing but a weed. Why exactly is hemp hard to grow in quantity in the US?


i have had this exact conversation with a government contractor trying to help a council, with a failing crop.

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