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The UND Fighting Sioux nickname


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I know that some of you are from the northern Midwest. Whats your take on the nickname. I know its gone now. but People are not letting it die. I have a ton of friends who will never let it go. I see whites and natives wearing the gear daily as it is today.


I have a known a lot of native americans. Most of my life I have grown up around reservations or actually living in towns on them. In ND and Montana.


Most Natives that I know supported the name and didn't find it offensive. They were proud to be represented. What say you?



Mostly NCAA liberal overreach?



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The picking and choosing by the NCAA is the worst part. Some are allowed to keep theirs. the Name was gifted to UND through a ceremony by the local Sioux back in the 60's. The best part is, that the College doesn't own its very nice Ice Arena. That is private and it was built by a booster who loved the Fighting Sioux. So every floor stone has the logo. The walls, everywhere has the logo, and there is nothing the NCAA can do.

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