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6.8 SPC II build complete.


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My BHW 18" midlength 6.8 SPC II replacement barrel came in on Wednesday. :boogie:

Big thanks to Lisa, she's a jewel, and J.P. who got the ball rolling on the replacement barrel.




Checked it out and cleaned it up. Stripped my 6.8 SPC bolt and ran the Go, No-Go gauges in the chamber. Passed that.

Got my Geissele reaction rod out and assembled the upper. Everything went together smooth as silk.

Put on the optics yesterday and bore sighted it.

Looking to break in the barrel and finish sighting in the optics this weekend.

Here's how she looks....




Going to run Federal XM68GD and Hornady Match 110 gr BTHP ammo first.

Have powder, brass. primers and an assortment of projectiles to start loading.

Looks like 2016 is starting off right.




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Got the 6.8 SPC rifle out today.

Broke in the barrel and got the scope sighted in.

No issues cycling or feeding. I did use ASC 15 round 6.5 Grendel magazines. That's one of Greg's tips.

Started at 50 yards first then moved out to 100 yards.

Ammo used was Federal XM68GD and hand loads that are clones of the Federal XM68GD. Pulled Federal bullets and primed cases, powder was AA2200.

Here's how they shot at 100 yards;



Hand loads





Unfortunately I forgot to bring the Hornady Match 110 gr. BTHP cartridges.

So they still need to be tested out.

Of course one more gratuitous picture of the rifle.....










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