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I'm one of the few who have built an RMW 10mm AR using adapted Grease Gun magazines. I say built because I bought a 10.5" with customized BCG and a bare custom lower. From there it's build and work out all the bugs. It has been one excellent and sometimes a tad frustrating adventure. I will say this - almost anyone can get a typical overgassed AR to run. A 10mm DI AR is marginally gassed, at best, so I did learn how to make the smoothest, slickest AR out there. The guns runs pretty well now. I get the occasional hang on the chamber entrance with the case mouth. Chamber is tight, and I haven't touched that area.

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could you give me details on how you made it work I have been working on a glock mag rmw barreled ar and can function with approximately 4-5 rounds without hang ups

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