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(Long) Range Report: RIA Pro Match (8rd) 6"

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So the sun was shining and I needed a "lunch break" so I grabbed a couple of boxes of ammo to see if this thing would actually go "bang." Could only find 100yd rifle targets in my stash, so these old eyes were a bit handicapped in even seeing the little 1" red-bull at any distance :(






Not as "snappy" as I had heard from some folk--even with the self-defense loads. I must admit that the weight of the Pro Match, including the longer barrel, may have helped with that. I'd have no trouble shooting a bunch of rounds in one range trip, I just didn't have time today.


RIA Pro Match?


Visually, it is a work-horse kind of pistol. I don't know what they call it, but the finish is basically a military-style parkerizing. Not particularly "pretty" but has the form/function thing going for it. Since I am not fond of the light-colored wood grips that come on these, I had thought to get some pretty grips of some kind or even schrimshaw some of the fake-ivory ones I saw--but after seeing it, I thought that pretty grips wouldn't look right to me, so I decided to go with some Hogue wrap-arounds with finger grooves. They are not in yet.


After stapling up my targets, I started with some Armscor FMJ 180's. Out of that box of ammo, I had one failure to go into battery when releasing the slide at the beginning of a string and one failure to eject. I suspect the magazine in the first case and don't have a clue on the latter. There were no repeats to either failure. I followed with some hotter self-defense 180 JHP's and there were no issues with them. There are a few brass-marks on the outside of the slide at the rear of the ejection port. I understand that will probably cease after break in.


The sights were WAY off from the factory, One of the first three 25yd shots missed the 18" by 20" or so rifle target (up and to the left) and the other two were barely on the paper. It took a lot of cranking to get far right enough. AND it was not possible to get low enough as I ran out of adjustment at about 4" high at both 25 and 50yds. I could get out the file, but since I don't yet know what load I will ultimately use, I think I will just allow for it at this point (I'm thinking to go with heavier bullets--which could potentially put it on the money.) I wanted to see how that 4" high at 50yds looked at 100yds, but didn't have time.


Accuracy? Scary. Especially since my shots were from a standing rest (and the rest itself was the back rack of my four-wheeler, off of a rolled-up jacket.) Not sure if I can upload pics as a newbie, but I did take a picture of the best 50yd 4-shot string and it was too good to be true--even with one flier. Under 2" center-to-center. Three of the four were clover-leafed at about 3/4" so I think my old eyes WILL be able to use those three-dot sights.


Full-magazine or double-tap strings off-hand are no issue. Again, probably the weight of the pistol/long barrel, but follow-ups are pretty danged quick.


When I un-boxed this thing, I thought the sharpness of the checkering on and the shape of the mainspring housing might be an issue and I was right. A long range session would require a change in that part or the wearing of some light-weight shooting gloves. The heel of my right hand is fairly red right now after less than 100rds, though the skin isn't broken.


I gave up my dedicated deer revolver to buy this pistol for every-day carry on the place--as there is no convenient way to carry a 9.5" Super Redhawk that's wearing a red-dot. This will carry as easily as my 45acp and I suspect it will kill anything that needs killing, as far out as necessary. I plan to do some 100yd practice after break-in to see what that feels like, but I never killed a deer past 50yds with the RedHawk anyway and I could do that with the RIA today.


I used the "make an offer" button at Bud's and got this thing for under $900 and I would do it again in a heartbeat.



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Very nice shooting I'd say. I had a snub nose revolver in 10mm that was very accurate but the short barrel and maybe the revolver itself led to a not so powerful round. Anyway I'm glad your pistola is performing well.

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Just got the commander version - haven't shot it yet but will this weekend!!!



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Thanks for the range report !

Congratulations on the new heater !


After you get some more rounds through it,

I would be interested to know if there is any unusual wear on the inside.


Please keep us posted on the shooting high issue.

A call to RIA might prove enlightening...

Is the front sight dove-tailed in ?



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