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I am a new member to this forum and to the AR rifle also, I recently acquired a DPMS A-15 rifle. Have been a shooter for over 50 Years but am new to this rifle.

Looking forward to learning and reading all I can about the AR15. thanks

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Welcome to FL and the Armory! Got a great bunch of guys here. Anywhere from a newcomer like yourself to folks that have assembled 60+ rifles and others that have helped manufacturers and law enforcement develop different variations of the AR platform. They have taught me a bunch of things so read all the pinned topics and click on the links there. Ask questions if you dont find what you need and you will get plenty of responses. You do have to watch the "What is the best......" questions as we all have our opinions on what ever it is. What we may t hink may not suit you at all so this is why research into the subject is important. Then you can ask specific questions on the item you are thinking about. Most likely someone has actual hands on.


You also have to watch out for BRD. Black Rifle Disease. It is very easy to catch and you may start asking about what parts to buy for your first build. I bought my first AR in January and I have already assembled two purpose built rifles, a 20" barrel 5.56 precision rifle and a .300 Black Out hunting rifle. I have already started planning my third build, an M16-A2 clone (semi auto of course) build for the historical factor and the fact I just think its a cool looking rifle. I admit it, the bug bit me bad. The AR is the most versatile weapon system out there. So many caliber choices, so many accessories you can configure what ever you specifically want. Get out and shoot the crap out of your "new" rifle and see if its all you want. My view is dont modify your first one and end up with a box full of take offs, just buy all the pieces and put them together. 99% of the parts fit together (milspec) and if your handy, its an easy system to understand and assemble.


Just remember, there is no cure, no cure I tell ya for BRD. Only treatment one round at a time!

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