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Colt Double Eagle 10mm

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Just bought a Colt Double Eagle 10mm. How do I tell the difference between a 1st and 2nd generation?


Does anyone make aftermarket grips for them?


I have several 1911 10mms and always change out the recoil springs to the 20-22# range. Is this possible for the Double Eagles? In other words, are the slides similar? With that in mind, what was the stock recoil spring poundage for the Double Eagles?

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I have one and had no idea there were two versions.

I was looking for wooden grips a few years ago, and

found a set at one of the custom grip sites. I don't

remember which one though.


You go to colt web site and download a manual, but

you need to register. http://www.colt.com/Downloads


There are lots of manuals on this site:


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So, are you interested in the variety of grips for the Double Eagle that I found ?

No joy. Still looking. BTW, the grips I have on them now are wooden, looks to be a custom job; but a slight crack on the right exposes some of the trigger mechanism.

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