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1982 Rapala Shad kits

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Went through a couple of storage tubs of old fishing/hunting gear in one of my closets.

Low and behold I found two sealed Rapala Shad Rap SR7 GB lure kits.




Must have stashed these away when I moved down here to Florida.

Still had them in the Montgomery Ward's bag I got when I purchased them.

Here's a picture I snagged off the Net to let you know what's inside.



There is also some paperwork that gives some historical info about Rapala.


Not sure of the collectibility of these. And I don't really want to open them up.

Although I may just keep one sealed and open the other one up and have it professionally framed in a shadow box.

Mounting the lures like how the picture is above with the paperwork below it.

Posted what I have in the Rapalanation forum. No response yet.

Right now they are back in the plastic bag I pulled them out of and they may go back in storage.




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I love the Rap, I bet I have 25 or more of the in various colors and styles. I remember when they were coming out with them. The pros were touting them and every bass magazine had a article about them.

I found some interesting history about the Shad Rap


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