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Ahhhh Sushi


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it and eat a lot of it. I am lucky in that there are many good places to get sushi around here. For those who are skeptical, sushi is not necessarily raw fish although it can be. I plan to treat myself this year at one of the best sushi places in town and order Omakase. Basically, "trust the chef: Can be expensive but I deserve it once a year , Around here maybe $50.00 but some places (where I will never go) like NY or Tokyo can be over 1K, .

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A lot of the sushi around here is cooked stuff. Smoked salmon, crab meat etc.


They also do a lot of rolls in tempura and then quickly fried. Local place has one I really like and believe it or not our local Kroger grocery put in a sushi bar and there are always two chefs there. Their stuff is really good.

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Like many other cuisines it depends on WHO'S fixing the meal !. Nothing wrong with GOOD Sushi , bad Sushi is NOT SUSHI ; It's Ptomaine pure and simple !.


An I can personally attest too Seattle's Fine Cuisine whether it's from the straits of San juan de fuca ( Ivers acres of clams ) or the Exotic far reaches of Sushi

at ( Shiki ) . FYI : DAMN GREAT SUSHI ! An NO I never ventured into Fugu cuisine . Yet Ken is or was the Only licensed chef in WA ,at one time to prepare Fugu ( Poison Blow Fish ) . An if none of you have ever had fried soft shell Blue crab Sushi hand rolls , put it on your BUCKET LIST !!!... :thumb:


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