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Compact bow and arrows?


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I saw a cheap "survival" bow and arrow set that breaks down for easy transportation.


Anyone have one of these in their go bag? It's a great idea. Pretty stealthy. No tax stamp.


This one is pretty basic, which is the point, but how valuable is it if you can't hit anything with it? Or hit hard enough to kill. I know very little about bow hunting.





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I don't know the poundage but for $25 I can hit the target at 30 yards ...



I built a slingbow a few years back when I was making wooden slingshots. I cut my own bands and modified añ arrow rest to work with the wooden flip. To be honest, despite it having only 150 fps velocity, I was more accurate with the slingbow than I was with my 48" recurve. At 150 fps, the squirrels in my yard could jump the string on a 20-yard shot about 75 percent of the time. Rabbits were toast though. Edited by meh77gmc
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I'm not familiar with the bow linked in OPs post, but there are plenty of good quality take-down longbows and recurves used in traditional bowhunting. 45lbs should be enough for a deer and small pigs. Might be enough to also penetrate the "shield" on a wild boar, but I have no experience with that. Traditional archery is pretty difficult and requires a lot of time and practice to be proficient enough to hunt and kill a game animal at 30 yards or less. But it's a heck of a lot of fun to learn how to shoot one!


Check out tradgang.com for lots of good info.

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No afraid not. About as far as I go on the food gathering aspect is a breakdown fishing pole, mostly because I enjoy that. A BOB, bug out bag, should be as light as possible with enough gear for you to make point A to point B in the shortest amount of time. If you are gathering food along the way, just as well shoot it with a gun, because you will be gone.


A good study of this is actually the Bosnia war. Pilots used two gun methods for food of opportunity gathering. One was a short barrel double barrel shotgun .22lr, Springfield M6, the other a classic .22lr target pistol with red dot.


Just me, I avoid the "Jeremiah Johnson" survival thinking in every aspect of my survival planning. The entire idea like the mountain man Jeremiah Johnson that you can take a pack into the woods and survive is false. You can't. Even old Jeremiah himself traded with Native Americans and went to rendezvous and he typically had two horses or more with pack gear.


Pretty much a bugout plan without a bugout destination, just makes us a well to do refugee. All that neat survival stuff for food gathering like snares, trot lines, nets, etc. I probably have it but not in a bug out bag. Even the fishing stuff is only cause I like doing that after setting up a camp for the night. I don't want to take a bow to a gun fight anymore than I do a knife. That didn't work out too well for the Native Americans back in Jeremiah's day.



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