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It seems Illinois and Kommyfornia have a commonality


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Yes it certainly seems that Kommyfornia and Illinois share a common problem :


Bankruptcy will be these States commonality , at the hands of which party : Ah You guessed it didn't ya !!!...





Illinois is beyond broke. It is the first state in eight decades to go without an annual budget, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures. Its bond ratings, the lowest of any state, are near junk status. It is projected to have a budget deficit this fiscal year of $5.3 billion and owes vendors about $10.8 billion in unpaid bills.


Its pension system, serving more than 815,000 public employees and retirees, was tied with Kentucky’s system for the lowest funding ratio among states, at 37.6 percent, according to a 2014 ranking by Pew Charitable Trusts. Unfunded liabilities stood at $129.8 billion last June, up from $2.5 billion in 1971, the year Madigan joined the legislature.


FYI : An Kommyfornia is about 8-9 times that debit ,regardless who cooks the books !...


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That is just the tip of iceberg

They hate guns

They hate gunowners

They hate anyone that wants what best for this country.

And as long as the "They" your speaking about is the dems in charge of the state, then I'm right there with you!

If your talking about the citizens......

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Michael madigan is probably one of the biggest problems with Illinois.


Bingo !

In combination with millions of Chicago and other large cities being iinvaded by DNC operatives who

will do anything and everything to get any (and sometimes cold) body to the polls to vote a straight democratic ticket.

We elected a Republican fiscal conservative Governor, but the media and the democrats have basically been pulling a "never-Trump" on him before Trump was even running. It is a very sad state of affairs.


We had our income tax raised to 5 % for I think 5 years, with the promise that every extra penny would be spent on pension liability and the debt. As you may have guessed they spent that money and even more on other things. Luckily that tax increase sunsetted. Now they are proposing higher permanent income taxes, legal cannabis, and expanded gambling. Nothing to grow the economy, attract business and increase the tax base. Everyone compains about our financial disaster, but when any reduction in spending is proposed, everyone goes nuts, or Madigan never lets it come up for a vote. He is the most powerful man in Illinois, and he is Evil. Every State around us is doing better financially. We have driven so many business out of the State. Recent numbers came out showing Illinios lost more population than any other State.


Last one out please turn out the lights.

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To beat our IL brothers to it, apparently Chicago likes to keep voting its self free stuff.


This I will add though. I've been in TN now for a quarter century. I've been downright amazed at what the state can do compared to other states I have lived including IL. We have a balanced budget amendment. Instead of having less, we actually have more. We had Ten Care, first universal healthcare (basically expended medicaid that let men on it that had no money) and now two years of community college. What a balanced budget does is force government to be smaller and go a "Pay as you go" direction. "Pay as you go" is basically this pays for that. They are forced and its law they have to spell it out, where the money comes from to fund anything. For example, Ten Care had a bunch of limitations like how many times a week you can bet back adjusted etc. and those limitations were fluid changing as money permitted. Contrary to usual government thinking, you can actually do more with less. You're not paying for dozens of hands all taking their piece and you are not paying all your money in interest.


A balanced budget amendment is simply running a state like a business. There's going to be fat times you can do more and lean times you can't. Sometimes it means cutting back on entitlements or paying more for benefits. Obamacare hit us bad in this state. My wife's insurance is through the state. It doubled the cost, more than doubled our out of pocket expense, and now the only carrier left, Humana, is pulling out of Obamcare come Jan 1, 2018. There will be no Obamacare in TN regardless of what DC does.



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