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weird 10 mm mag problem


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I have 2 Colt and 2 Mec Gar mags for my Delta Elite and all function great except one of the Mec Gar's. You can load about 4 rounds in it and the bottom round will hang up and won't go any farther down. It does it with 180 gr factory loads as well as (in spec) hand loads. The follower is not stuck as I can stick punches in the holes and move it down easily. I guess the mag just narrows towards the bottom, it works fine with 3 rounds in it but that kind of hampers shooting, LOL. I can't see any problems with the naked eye. Anybody ever have this happen?



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I just seated the bullets a few thousandth deeper and they work through both mags now. I just bought a Ruger SR1911 in 10 mm and really like it, ashamed to say I think I like it a little bit better than my Delta Elite.



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