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A30 Nosler 125gr BTs


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All loads are using Hornady brass, 3rd firing, RL 7 powder, CCI 400 primers, Nosler 125gr BTs seated to magazine length.


Shots taken at 100yds from a seated bench, range bag front rest and no rear rest. Vortex PST 2.5-10 ffp scope set at 5x.


RL 7 26.5gr



RL 7 27.0gr



RL 7 27.5gr



RL 7 28.0gr



RL 7 28.5



No pressure signs at 28.5, so ill load up to 29.5. I did have one piece of brass at 27.5 that showed a decent ejector mark, but it was just on 1 of the 5.


Next are 3 groups seated to the lands. Loading each round by hand as they wont fit in the mag.


RL 7 27.5



RL 7 28.0



RL 7 28.5



At 28.5 i was getting some very flat primers, no cratering or ejector swipes. So i decided not to shoot the 29.0 loads.


Im fairly happy, definitely gonna get some more of these Noslers. Next time ill try with a bipod or ill get a taller front bag.

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Alot of the shots that are on the left was me. Every other group id have to fluff up the bag. Next time i think ill drive down to the DNR range in Indiana, i can shoot prone there.


Cheeking will do it every time. The speeds were not appreciably different. I tried a 6X45 a couple years ago in the lands at around 2.345 and at 2.260. Velocity gain was 10 FPS in the lands and group size was only about 0.1 better. Not worth it on that one with the 87's for sure.


You need to refill the bag with sand, or add to it, if you are constantly fluffing. It should be hard enough to pound the stock down into and it just set there riding back and forth.


BTW why use 5X if 10X is available?



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I use my range bag(small bachpack) with a bundled up shirt in the front pouch as a front rest. I bought the Cabelas front and rear bags, but it feels too short.


On 10x i see all of the scope sway and it pshycs me out. On 5x i almost dont notice it.


I still have Alot to learn on bench type shooting.


I did move the stock 1 click back and i was much more consistent with placing my cheeck.

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For preliminary work ups, should i just load 3? Ive always thought 5 would give me a better idea since im not that good at making tiny holes.

If your good behind the trigger and have a repeatable rest three will make me happy. I use five and ten when I am proofing. I had a particularly hard bullet to dial in and I brought my press and reloading gear to the range and used two shot groups once........if two placed well I would load two more real fast and see what happened. That saved me a lot of time.


Split the difference and go for four.

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I rarely shoot just three unless I am in a hurry for raw data. I prefer five and even then I try to shoot two groups at each level.


Set up/position is 75 % of shooting for groups. You must be stable and repeatable to get good data. That scope should set on the target like the Rock of Gibraltar. Shooting 24X and 32X like I do you see any break in technique..LOL



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So, I figure those 28.5 loaded to mag length should do well enough. Im gonna load all of the fired brass(140) with the BTs and the new brass with 125gr PH. I doubt ill have time to fireform and reload the new brass before the PNW trip.


Ill start using CCI 450s, just wanted to get rid of the last sleeve and a half i had.

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