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Stag drops the 6.8 SPC LH and RH options


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Well, I'm PO'd. Just when I was ready to start a new upper build to create a carbine length mate for my M7L, Stag has dropped the 6.8 from its line up. No upper assemblies, no BCGs, no nothing! God help me if something goes south on my Hunter. I'm going to have to start searching the internet for parts, but I really would like to have a LH 16" upper for my rifle. I guess they just didn't make enough money on the 6.8 line. Sorta' leaves a sour taste in my mouth with them. I had started an email conversation with the CS department and my initial inquiries did not mention the discontinuation of the 6.8. Tonight I received the bad news. From the sounds of it they have no components for the 6.8s at all. I can't even buy another BCG for a reserve piece. Not good. At least they told me to "have a nice day"!

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Funny they are arguing about this over on another board and they SWEAR that STAG is not dropping the 6.8. They SWEAR it by GOSH!! (BS!!)



I was told that when the Magpul furnatured barrel and uppers (sans BCG and charging handles) are gone, the 6.8 is history... and I quote,


"No, sir. The 6.8 SPC caliber option has been discontinued. We do not have any LH uppers receivers “in stock”. Left handed 6.8 bolt will not work on a 5.56 left handed rifle.


Please let me know if there is anything else that I can do. Have a great day!


Thank you,


Customer Service"


That kinda says it all.... I'm still pissed about it...I didn't realize the 6.8 GCG does not mate with the standard AR15 upper, either right or left handed...but it makes sense as the geometry of the BCGs are different. At first, I thought the bolt face was the only difference but when you think about it, that just could not be the case... oh well, internet search here I come...

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Ordering. Now for the barrel.... BHW seems like a good starting point. I have DD on my pistol. I'm not sure if I want a threaded barrel and just put a threaded knurled barrel thread protector on it if in the future cans get easier to secure. I think if I could find a barrel weight / profile similar to the M7L I would be a happy camper....

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Now I find out Stag's resellers were never notified that the 6.8 is history. A $387.00 transaction was just cancelled by the reseller because he felt that it was unfair to hold my funds while he determined if he could even honor the sale. I just might have to rethink calibers. But without a LH bolt carrier group and upper I'm not sure how to proceed. I have a number of 5 round, 25 round and a couple 30 round Barrett magazines for the 6.8, but I don't know which wildcat calibers will work in these magazines... I cannot tell you how pissed I am with Stag; you cannot even get parts to repair your previously purchased rifles. Rock River makes LH rifles, but I don't know if parts are interchangeable with Stag LH rifles.... ugh!

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