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Strut question, stripped shaft nut

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I was replacing the front struts on my wife's Saturn Outlook. Got the Gabriel struts, left side went off without a hitch. Right side, I couldn't get my torque wrench to click tightening the new strut and after trying for a few minutes with a six point 9mm the wrench surface on top of the shaft stripped. Now I can neither tighten or loosen the strut shaft. Of course the shaft top is below the mount where no grinder can touch it, tried hammering a 11/32 12 point on top and it also stripped....only thing left is a vise grip on the shaft and that is a no no. Any hints? I can't even figure out why it stripped and wouldn't go to torque setting even though I was pulling my butt off. Spring was compressed fully so I don't THINK it was that, but who knows.

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Usually don't have to hold the shaft when using an impact to loosen or tighten. I'd take the assembly to a shop and see if you can throw a few bucks at a tech to tighten it up for ya.

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