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SilencerCo Hybrid 46


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Good morning guys. I want to hear your thoughts on this suppressor. I remember SilencerCo coming out with this a year or two ago, and it seems like theyve already updated the model with this new 46.


Multi-caliber for both pistol and rifle, and quieter than most designated 9mm, 45 ACP, and 5.56 cans out there. Take a look.



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It is not serviceable. It is large. It has not been updated, has always been the 46 since it will handle .458 diameter projectiles.


Would be a good option for a 458 socom or 450 bushmaster AR or Ruger American, or a 45-70 lever gun.


If you are looking for a primary pistol can, I would look at something else. Pistols are dirty and this doesn't come apart to clean.

If you are looking for a do-all type can that will handle both your AR and your pistols, look for something else or 2 something else's. Something with a smaller bore will give you better suppression on rifles, much better suppression if you are shooting 5.56.


Big bore AR or lever gun, with occasional pistol use; looks neat.


What do you want to put your suppressor on?

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Youre right, it would be more of an all purpose can. For my .45 and below, my main choice would be the Octane 45, and Im not really sure what Id run on my AR. Ive always thought of getting a .30 cal can to run for a future .308 as well as my 5.56 but I havent fully researched that yet. I was just wondering if you guys thought the Hybrid was a decent choice or just a big market trap item for its diversity.

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It absolutely is a decent product, but that only really matters if it fits your needs! I look at it, and it doesn't fit any need I have currently so I'm out. I have several other pistol cans and a few other rifle cans, and no rifle larger than 30 caliber anymore though. If I still lived in Michigan and could hunt deer with a 450 Bushmaster rifle (and still had the land to do it conveniently), I would be a lot more interested.


The SiCo Omega on the is pretty nice for 5.56 and .308. Omega and Hybrid are very similar, Hybrid is just a bit longer and has a large bore. I can clap my hands louder than my H&R single shot 300 BLK shoots with that Omega on it too.


As you shop, it is very important to know that dB numbers at the muzzle are NOT the most critical thing to chase, ESPECIALLY on a semi-auto gun. Some suppressors have a great rating at the muzzle, but meter almost as loud at the shooter's (YOUR!) ear as an unsuppressed rifle. I don't give a crap (within reason) about the muzzle noise compared to the at-my-ear noise. Sometimes a shorter or "K" version of a suppressor will give you better at-ear numbers than a longer version on semi-auto guns.


For 5.56 & 308 I would personally be looking at:

SilencerCo Omega (I really like mine, seriously can't say enough good stuff about it)

Dead Air Sandman S or Sandman K (the K is next on my list)

Griffin Optimus (is serviceable and also gets you 9mm pistol use)

Liberty... Chaotic maybe? Not as sure on their model names. It's the shorter length fatter diameter one.


For Pistols, unless you already have an Octane on order, I would suggest also checking out the Rugged Obsidian 45 and Dead Air Ghost 45; also possibly the Griffin Resistance 45. These all came out after the Octane did and have updates or improvements compared to the Octane. In spite of having both an Obsidian and Octane, I use my Resistance 9 more than either because it is shorter and lighter.


Don't neglect 22LR and a dedicated 22LR suppressor. Super practical for dealing with small nuisance varmints and so very very quiet suppressed. Currently a personal favorite to shoot suppressed because it is just so darned quiet, and cheap... can't forget cheap.

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