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Civilian MP5 (Pistol or Full Rifle)


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Please move to appropriate sub-forum if this is in the incorrect place, not really sure where this red should go.


Just for fun, I have been looking at MP5s as far as what is available to the civilian market. Both in SBR form and pistols that can be converted. However, my searching hasnt come up with many results. My question is, what manufacturers do you guys know of makes them available to the civilian population? Also, would a pistol be able to be converted to a full-size SBR? I really dont know anything about this platform. Topic out of curiosity.

- CM

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First step is a personal wallet inspection. Right now there are some good options on MP5 type pistols and rifles, but they typically run a LOT more than your typical AR15. For example, most decent mags start around $50, there are some $25 options but they can be hit or miss with any particular gun; you can find good AR mags for $12 or less.


Stuff on the market now:

POF (Pakistani Ordnance Factory) (starts around $1200 plus shipping and transfer)

-These are generally considered serviceable, but can be a bit rough on fit and finish. Some of the welds may not be the prettiest

-Price tends to be the least expensive option out there

-Imported, so some parts must be swapped for 922r compliance if you want to SBR

-Comes with 1 mag usually


Zenith/MKE (Turkey) (starts around $1700 plus shipping and transfer)

-Fit and finish generally a step up from the POF guns.

-Zenith is generally pretty responsive to warranty or other issues

-Imported, so some parts must be swapped for 922r compliance if you want to SBR

-comes with 3 mags

-has "push pin" type trigger housing


Omega from Atlantic (priced about like the Zenith guns)

-fit and finish considered pretty decent

-Atlantic has a reputation for being responsive to warranty issues

-Based on parts list looks like there is minimal or zero 922r parts swap needed to SBR (this is worth at least couple hundred bucks)

-comes with 1 mag


The step up from these would be a Brethren Arms or TPM (or a couple other companies) build. These are typically built to order and start around $3000 and go up from there. You can get additional features, like an SD model from TPM; or have a Pic. rail welded to the receiver so you don't need a bolt-on claw mount for optics from either one.


I bought a Zenith. The Omega wasn't out at the time or it would have gotten a very serious look. I have SBRed the gun, and it is an absolute ton of fun to shoot with or without a suppressor on it.


Any particular flavor of MP5 you are looking at? The full size vs the shorty vs the SD?

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Thank you for the info! I just found Zenith and I remember visiting that Atlantic site a while back. Didn't know that they were this expensive... also this 922r compliance is news to me so i'll have to further research that. Seems like to create an SBR, I'd need to spend $1,000 to acquire a pistol, make it 922r compliant with whatever parts, on top of filing a Form 4 for the SBR.


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To answer your question, I've always been a fan of the full size MP5 with solid fixed stock.

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That's the same style one I have, except I have a B&T folding stock instead of the fixed. Same stock profile, but it is skeletonized and it folds.


HKParts. net has a lot of conversion parts available and they note which ones are 922r compliant. Also http://gunwiki.net/Gunwiki/BuildMP5VerifyComplianceto see what ones you have vs what you need to look at swapping.


For an SBR you would need:

Buy pistol

Make sure it works

Get it engraved

File form 1 and wait

Get form 1 back

Buy and install 922r and SBR conversion bits

Party time!

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