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A while back we had a customer bring in a set of double barrels that were cut and needed to be trued/crowned. We measured them and found they were cut 16 inches, so we informed the customer they were illegal length and were subseqentaly abandoned.


Some time passed and I found the opportunity to buy the matching yildiz shotgun to those with box and chokes at a flea market. I them reached out to briley down in Texas who handles yildiz warranties and purchased a second set of wood for for 115 dollars shipped. Once the wood arrived I compared the two to keep the nicer intact and cut one down to a mars leg and fit the short barrel that I cut even further down to 12" to the receiver.


Ultimatly this is going to be a shop defense gun fornthe work bench, but we are joking about going to go shoot trap and skeet with it. Hell I may even throw in some choke tubes and a bead and mid bead lol. Ok well the mid bead may be to excessive. Either way I am extremely excited about this because I learned to shoot on my dads sawed off and I hate that we had to get rid of it since we found out it was illegal.

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