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BHW gas port location


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I recently bought two BHW barrels and noticed the gas port was not drilled exactly on the top of the barrel.

I thought it doesn't matter with a GB under the handguard.

Then I saw a video by Joe Carlos on barrel break in.


He mentions the gas port hole can come out on a land increasing bullet scraping.

BHW must drill the hole off center so the hole comes out in a groove.

Can anyone confirm this? I can barely see the rifling so I can't see where the hole comes out.

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They do not set that up to avoid the lands. In fact most companies do not and the effect at our level will never be seen.


For break in on the BHW tube. If it is NOT BLACK just run two dry patches down it and go shoot. Don't bother with break in. If it IS BLACKENED clean the snot out of the bore, run a very lightly oiled patch down the bore and go shoot. Don't bother with the break in. They are so smooth you won't gain a thing. I've got enough an shot enough new BHW barrels of them that only one man in the US has more experience with them than I do.Not that more experience means more smarts but it just means more experience. Results I've posted seem to support me that at least I haven't harmed the barrels unduly.



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I cleaned my American 30 and 6x6.8 barrel yesterday.

The black finished American 30 had a lot of black coming out with Rem oil as solvent. It eventually diminished to almost nothing after about 7 patches.

The machine finished 6x6.8 had rust color come out but it diminished within 3 patches.

I left a light oil film in both barrels.

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